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Prefabricated and Custom Orthotics by Foot Support Group

Whether you are walking a mile, running a marathon or playing a leisurely game of golf, your feet, knees and hips are essential parts of your equipment.

Orthotics provide biomechanical control and stabilization to prevent over use injuries. They also optimize your performance by making each step more efficient; less wear and tear on your bones and shoes. Many may already have some form of orthotics or footbeds and they may be custom made. And many may not consider orthotics important because of the cost involved.

Foot Support has gathered together a collection of pre-fabricated orthotics including some of Gerhard's own designs.

Chaco sandals and bootsIn addition, Gerhard assisted in research and development for Chaco Footwear and their sandal and boot footbeds.

These orthotics can be custom fitted to you at a much lower cost than a fully custom orthotic and are helpful to many people much like custom eye glasses versus over-the-counter readers.

There are still those who require a custom device and Gerhard continues to make each custom orthotic by hand in his lab.


Orthotics can improve your performance, whether it's golf, tennis, baseball, walking or running.


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